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Our expertise focuses on a wide variety of installations, always for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries:


Weighing and sampling downflow booths

  • Custom-made depending on the available space and other constraints
  • Stainless steel and painted mild steel finish


Class A (cGMP) laminar flow ceilings

  • For sterile manufacturing facilities
  • Custom-made depending on the available space and other constraints
  • Equipped with GC screens and other accessories
  • Several finishes: stainless steel, mild steel, sandwich panels


SAS pass through boxes

  • Mainly for sterile manufacturing facilities
  • Custom-made depending on available space and other client requirements
  • Available with terminal HEPA filters, interlocks, UV lamps



Dust collection for solid dosage and manufacturing

  • Low vacuum central dust collection for solid dosage manufacturing equipment
  • High vacuum central dust collection for clean rooms cleaning
  • Explosive ATEX and bio hazard dust installations


Pharmaceutical fluids systems

  • Storage and distribution skids and loops for WFI, PW and PS utilities
  • Compressed gas utilities for laboratories
  • Clean in place CIP skids and utilities
  • Biowaste skids and utilities


Pharmaceutical liquids processing systems

  • Reactors and manufacturing skids for sterile, injectable, semi-solid and oral liquid dosage
  • Filtration skids and double sterilizing filtration for sterile and injectable forms


General fluids utilities

  • Oil free compressed air loops
  • Industrial steam and condensate pipe networks
  • Cold and hot water loops for HVAC, sanitary water, process stainless steel sewage systems


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems

  • For comfort and classified areas, grades class D to A according to cGMP
  • Air handling units and Ducting systems
  • Clean room pressure controls, either manual or automatically controlled
  • Cooling and heating power generation: air to water and water to water chillers, gas direct expansion, steam and hot water boilers
  • Desiccant wheel dehumidifying systems
  • Steam humidifier systems
  • ATEX explosion proof systems



Clean rooms

  • Sandwich enclosures made of several facings ( galvanized steel, phenolic resin, others) bonded to different type of cores (foam, rock wool, aluminium honeycomb), depending on the clients’ needs
  • Modular walkable sandwich ceilings and sandwich wall systems
  • Flush swing doors with several facings and accessories such as electrical interlocks, flush double glazed windows, push bars, door closers
  • Rolled and sliding doors suitable for pharmaceutical application
  • Glazed security walls, and flush double glazed windows
  • Smooth rounded and easy to clean cove profiles and other clean room architectural finishes

Electrical power distribution systems

  • Complete electrical power distribution systems, which may include diesel generators, transformers, earthing systems, reactive compensation systems.
  • Bus bar trunking systems for lightning and power distribution
  • Flush led lights for clean rooms
  • Flush ATEX lights for clean rooms


Electrical control and automation systems

  • HVAC control systems from simple distributed controls to full scada systems, including clean room pressure control and regulation, temperature, moisture content, differential pressure filter monitoring,
  • Process automation for liquids manufacturing including touch screens to run formulas, and to operate valves, pumps, stirrers, filters.